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Shaped Cards Using Nesting Dies

How to use your nesting style dies to make shaped cards! This card is also my entry for A Blog Named Hero Sparkle and Shine contest

Don't get me wrong... Rectangle cards are great! They lend a simple canvas to add some beautiful work to. However, sometimes it's really nice to mix it up! Making your cards into shapes just adds a little more interest, and could even add to your theme when done right!

Here's How To:

First, Select your shape and be sure it will fit in an envelope.

I've used Spellbinder's Art Deco Squares-- See how the different sizes might work by using envelopes

Use a permanent marker to make a line where the die meets the envelope, unless it fits already. This will help you when you go to make your card base.

Next, pick out your card stock for a card base. I used white because I decided I'd ink blend.

Cut your card stock to fit the width of your die. Then, fold the paper in half, and place the die over it so that the top of the die is NOT on the paper. I did this twice to create the inside and the outside of my card.

Then, decorate the card as you please! Use the card base as would use any other card base.

Once you're done, simply adhere the inside panel to the outside panel. I use my fingers on each edge when adhering to be sure the two line up.

Add on your details, and you're done!

This is a great way to utilize your larger dies you might not usually get to use for card making projects. Enjoy all of the possibilities!


I am not currently sponsored in any way. All of the products I use because I love them and they work well. I do, however, offer my cards for sale. The purpose of this blog is to share information and techniques.

Thank you for reading!


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