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Glitter Backgrounds

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

As you might have seen online, using glitter for backgrounds in cards is a fun way to add dimension to your card scene! This technique works wonderfully for oceans, galaxies, or anything else you could imagine

Finished Sparkle Cards with Dragons from Mama Elephant!

First, Ink Your Background

Pick or create a card base and choose whatever ink colors you would like! I love to used Oxide Inks to add even more variation in color to the project by dropping water onto the blended paper. You don't really need to ink the entire front of the card base, just the area that will be showing through the next layer.

Pick your outline shape for the top layer of the card, so that you can be sure you will cover all of the showing area with the glitter. I like to use the medium pieces in Spellbinder's Nesting dies.

Next, Pick Your Glitter & Stick it!

I prefer to use the glitter I've used for shaker cards, which is somewhat big. I have found that the star shape tends to cover the area best, but you can really use any shape or color that you'd like.

I also like to lay down a piece of scrap paper to try to contain and collect the glitter that doesn't make it onto the card. This doesn't always work, though!

Next, cut a piece of double sided adhesive (or you can use roll on adhesive) and cut to just a bit bigger than the outline will be. Adhere the colored area, and sprinkle on a generous amount of glitter to the area. Using your finger, gently but firmly rub the glitter into place, working to cover all of the sticky adhesive area as evenly as possible. One you have your glitter in one layer, use a thick but smooth surface to press and rub the glitter into the adhesive even further (be careful; glitter can be sharp!)


Cut the outside panel to fit on the front of your card in any color you choose. I've most frequently used white or a coordinating solid so as not to overwhelm and take away from the glitter.

Adhere the front panel to the card base with foam adhesive. Add in stamped and die cut creatures or letters and add a sentiment. You really could use these backgrounds for any type of card! I've used these backgrounds with the dragons of course, but also with Hero Art's August Card Kit-- Coffee! The gold hearts and gold stars look nice with kraft card stock. I have also used clear stars over an inked galaxy for a sparkle star wonderland. Would work great for winter snow themes... like I said, the possibilities are endless!

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